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COGEMA and Sustainable Development

Press release

October 11, 2001

COGEMA has published a document that sets forth the Group's commitment to sustainable development. Through this commitment, COGEMA is pursuing a policy of "global performance," allying economic progress, social progress and protection of the environment, in all its activities.

This report points out the many contributions that COGEMA's activities make to sustainable development:

  • Monitoring of the environment and of releases from its facilities: some 2,000 people, or more than 10% of the Group's staff, work in the areas of security, safety and environmental protection;
  • Progress in Research and Development (treatment of liquid and gas effluents, optimized recycling of spent nuclear materials and reduction of their volume, etc.);
  • Certification: 50% of the Group's sites have ISO 14001 certification today;
  • Support for local economic development in the areas around the Group's sites, not only in France, but also abroad, as at the mines in Canada and Niger;

A strong policy of openness and transparency in its nuclear activities and ongoing dialogue with NGOs.

"COGEMA and Sustainable Development" lays the bases for a number of indicators that can be used as of next year to measure the Group's contribution to meeting the challenges of sustainable development.
More-detailed statistical data are also presented in the annual environmental reports from the industrial sites in the COGEMA Group.