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EDF and COGEMA sign spent fuel management agreement

Press release

September 03, 2001

EDF and COGEMA signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the management of spent fuel from EDF nuclear power plants. The MOU, which includes a price agreement, enters into effect 1 October 2001 and runs through 31 December 2007.

The approximately 4 billion Euro agreement covers through 2007all services that COGEMA supplies to EDF, including: removal and shipment of spent fuel from EDF power plants to the COGEMA La Hague facilities; reprocessing of some 5,250 metric tons of fuel during the contract period, i.e., an average of 850 metric tons per year; and supply of 100 metric tons of MOX fuel per year.

The agreement replaces previous contracts that were instrumental in financing a major share of the La Hague reprocessing plant and that enabled a total of some 8,000 metric tons of spent EDF fuel to be reprocessed.