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Shipments of MOX fuel between Hanau and La Hague : information has been posted on the COGEMA Web site since February 2001

Press release

June 06, 2001

In a press release today, Greenpeace accused COGEMA of secrecy concerning shipments of non-irradiated MOX fuel from the Hanau plant in Germany. This accusation is totally unfounded. Apparently the environmental group is unaware that detailed information on these shipments has been posted on the COGEMA Web site since 14 February 2001. The volume of fuel shipped, the total number of shipments planned and the number already made are all indicated there.

Additional information confirming that these operations are perfectly legal was provided on 16 February. In a further effort to ensure transparency, on 19 March 2001 COGEMA posted its correspondence with the Directorate of Nuclear Installations Safety (DSIN) and the General Directorate of Energy and Raw Materials (DGEMP) concerning these shipments and the authorizations it has obtained to reprocess the MOX fuel from Hanau. So far, six shipments have been made at regular intervals, using road transport. The last one in 2001 will be on Friday, 8 June, as originally scheduled.