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The COGEMA Group builds a new organization

Press release

May 24, 2000

Anne Lauvergeon, COGEMA's Chief Executive Officer, today announced a new organization of the Group. From 1 June 2000, COGEMA is organized operationally into 11 Business Units, themselves grouped into four Sectors: Mines & Chemistry, Enrichment, Fuel-Reprocessing-Engineering, and Services.

The four Sectors Executive Vice-Presidents are members of the Executive Committee (COMEX) chaired by Anne Lauvergeon. COMEX is the body that makes the Group's strategic and political decisions. The Senior Executive Vice-President and Executive Vice-President, Finance, are also members. An Operational Committee has been formed.

Besides the members of the Executive Committee, it gathers the directors of the Business Units, functional divisions, facilities and subsidiaries of the Group. Its role is to maintain a close link between the central functions and all levels of the organization.

New functional divisions have been formed: an Industrial Participations Department, a Major Technological Projects Department, and a Commercial Department to guarantee a concerted approach to the Group's commercial action with its major clients. A corps of Safety Inspectors has also been formed to reinforce the Safety, Security and Quality Department.

These structural adjustments will enable the COGEMA Group to respond better and faster to developments in its markets and to the needs of its clients. It will be better armed to meet the challenges it will have to face in the coming years, while continuing to fulfil the requirements related to its operations, and first and foremost, the safety requirements.