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European representatives visit COGEMA La Hague

Press release

March 19, 1999

A delegation of Representatives from the European Parliament led by Mr. D. Cohn Bendit visited the COGEMA La Hague plant on January 19, 1999. The delegation toured the spent fuel receiving and storage facilities and the vitrified residues storage buildings.
Later, it met with representatives of the various labor unions represented at COGEMA. As the delegation arrived at the main entrance to the site, several hundred protesters from multiple origins voiced their opposition to the ideas upheld by the visitors. Some regrettable outbursts occurred that were beyond COGEMA's control, but none were serious.
Although COGEMA's management understands that the visit may have elicited strong feelings among employees of the La Hague plant, it in no way condones the incidents that occurred during the visit, which was organized by COGEMA in the spirit of openness and transparency.