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Fourth shipment of vitrified wastes to Japan

Press release

February 24, 1999

On Thursday, 25 February, a shipment of 40 canisters of vitrified waste from the reprocessing of Japanese nuclear fuel will leave the port of Cherbourg for Japan aboard the Pacific Swan, a vessel belonging to Pacific Nuclear Transport Ltd. COGEMA, FEPC and BNFL had announced on 3 February 1999, that information concerning the departure (date, port and the ship's name) would be made public one or two days beforehand. The ship's route will be disclosed on 26 February 1999, the day after its departure.
This shipment, like those that have preceded it, is being made under reprocessing contracts between COGEMA and ten Japanese electricity producers. These contracts call for the conditioning of the fission products in glass and their return to their country of origin.