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COGEMA launches a publicity campaign on spent nuclear fuel recycling

Press release

January 06, 1999

Starting 7 January 1999, COGEMA is launching a publicity campaign on the recycling of spent nuclear fuels, via the nationwide daily, regional and magazine press.
This campaign is aimed to demonstrate that nuclear fuel recycling obeys a logic similar to the one widely prevalent industrially in other branches of activity, such as aluminum, glass, paper and plastics.
Four advertisements will illustrate and describe the main features of spent fuel recycling, namely: preservation of natural resources, waste reduction, economic growth and environmental conservation.
A toll-free number will be available for requesting a range of documentation on the COGEMA Group activities. Similar to other communication projects regularly carried out by COGEMA, this publicity campaign is part of a general approach of openness towards the public at large. The campaign four visuals and a fact sheet on recycling are availablefrom the Communication Division (+33 (0) 1 39 26 39 21).