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Industrial waste at COGEMA La Hague: monitored and controlled management

Press release

April 19, 2001

As the annual reports of the DSIN (Directorate of Nuclear Installation Safety) indicate (see below), the COGEMA-La Hague plant must manage a certain amount of waste from its past reprocessing activities. This waste is continually monitored, and its management, which is planned and carried out under approvals from the ANDRA (National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management) and official authorizations, benefits from progress in R&D programs and new investments.
The safety authority is regularly informed of these elements, as shown by the correspondence and schedules sent by COGEMA to the DSIN on 11 May 2000 and the presentation to the press of the report for 2000 of the nuclear security authority of Lower Normandy on 17 April of this year.

pdf file "Courrier COGEMA du 11.05.visu_comurhex_historique_2000_fr.jpg" (In French)

pdf file " Présentation à la presse du bilan 2000 de l'autorité de sûreté nucléaire en Basse-Normandie - Extrait concernant La Hague" (In French)

pdf file on the Web site of the DSIN / Rapport annuel 2000 / Chapitre 13 - § 1.2 : "La reprise des déchets anciens de La Hague" (In French).