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Cherbourg court rejects petition from antinuclear group

Press release

March 21, 2001

COGEMA notes that the court in Cherbourg has ruled inadmissible the petition filed by the Comité de Réflexion d'Information et de Lutte Antinucléaire (CRILAN) and Didier Anger, the head of this antinuclear organization and a Regional Councilor from the Green party.

COGEMA also wishes to point out that the Group has obtained all necessary authorizations to transport, unload, take delivery of and temporarily store the fuels in question for reprocessing at its La Hague plant. COGEMA wishes to note that all the materials arriving at the La Hague plant are there for reprocessing and not for permanent storage, which would be in violation of the rules governing the plant's operation as well as Article 3 of the law of 30 December 1991.

COGEMA would also point out that all materials arriving at the site are covered by official authorizations granted by the Directorate of Nuclear Installations Safety (DSIN). The official memorandums and agreements that attest to COGEMA's compliance with all laws and regulations in its reprocessing of non-irradiated MOX fuels at La Hague are available to the public at the Web sites and

Last, COGEMA would recall that all operational procedures in the reprocessing are validated by the Directorate of Nuclear Installations Safety (DSIN). The COGEMA Group wishes to take this opportunity to state once again that it has nothing to hide and that it is committed to transparency and to a calm and informative discussion of its activities.