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COGEMA welcomes the resumption of the transport of spent fuels and conditioned waste between France and Germany

Press release

February 01, 2001

The French Prime Minister's office announced late yesterday that an agreement had been reached with the German government to resume the transport for spent fuels and conditioned waste between the two countries, which was interrupted in 1998. This agreement fully satisfies the COGEMA Group, which has pursued an ongoing policy to return the waste after reprocessing at La Hague, with its German clients as well as all its foreign clients.

The agreement will help normalize the contractual relations established with the German power companies concerning the reprocessing of their spent fuels, whereby the volume of the fuels is reduced fivefold, their toxicity tenfold, and a large part of them recycled. The shipment pending since 1998 can now be made to Germany once the administrative formalities have been completed.

The COGEMA Group is grateful to all those who helped pave the way to this agreement, in France, in Germany, in government circles, in the power companies, and among its own staff