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Transport of spent fuel elements from Australia to France

Press release

January 24, 2001

A transport of spent fuel left the Port of Botany (Australia) on January 23rd 2001 - local time - to be shipped to COGEMA-La Hague reprocessing plant (France). It is the second transport of spent fuel between Australia and France, the first one took place between November 1999 and January 2000.

This transport of 5 dedicated casks containing 360 spent fuel elements is implemented within the framework of the contracts signed between ANSTO and COGEMA in 1999 to reprocess the HIFAR research reactor spent fuel (located on the Lucas Heights site).

This transport fully conforms to national and international regulations.Conforming to the French law of December 30th 1991 and to the contract signed between ANSTO and COGEMA, the conditioned ultimate residues will be shipped back to Australia after reprocessing. For further information, consult the Internet site