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About COGEMA's Cadarache plant

Press release

August 01, 2000

The Cadarache plant went into operation in 1962, nearly 20 years before more stringent seismic protection requirements were enforced in the region. The COGEMA Group makes security and safety absolute priorities, and it by no means underestimates the local risk of seismic activity.

In June of this year, the French environment and industry ministers agreed to the Group's commitment to present a series of proposals in the next autumn, including the future closing of the site.

These proposals are to take into account all industrial, economic and labor issues of this high-technology plant, which employs over 300 people. Recognized for the outsanding quality of its manufacturing facilities, COGEMA's Cadarache plant is certified ISO 9002 for production and ISO 14001 for environmental management. It also holds the KTA label which is specific to the quality standards of the German nuclear industry, and was awarded the 1999 French Prize for Quality Assurance.