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Work by the Radioecology Group of the Nord-Cotentin Region: COGEMA's position

Press release

July 08, 1999

The Radioecology Group of the Nord-Cotentin Region led by Mrs. Annie Sugier has just submitted its conclusions. COGEMA views this work as a constructive experience that elevates the subject from controversy to a methodological and scientific level.
COGEMA was a committed participant during the two-year project, supplying all of the data in its possession on models, monitoring results and releases. COGEMA notes that the group found that the percentage of leukemia cases attributable to the nuclear industry was too low to establish any link.
The percentage of cases of leukemia theoretically attributable to all nuclear facilities in the area for all young people in the 0 to 24-year age group who lived in the Beaumont-Hague Township during the 1978-1996 period is 0.0014. Using the same pluralistic approach, the commission also developed and utilized a method of calculating the impacts of releases from the La Hague plant.
COGEMA incorporated this method, which was presented in July 1998, in an impact study for a license renewal application for the La Hague plant submitted to the regulatory authorities in December 1998. COGEMA takes this opportunity to reassure the public in the Nord-Cotentin region that it will continue to work to control the plant's environmental impacts and to meet its commitments regarding environmental protection, openness and public information.