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Court dismisses case against COGEMA

Press release

December 03, 2002

The magistrate of the Regional Court of Cherbourg, Mr. Stanislas Sandraps, has granted a nonsuit in favor of COGEMA on a complaint filed by Mr. Didier Anger, the Greens Regional Councilor of Lower Normandy.

The complaint had led to an indictment against COGEMA in January 1999 for "risk of public endangerment." The judge called on an expert to assist in conducting his investigation. After a long inquiry, in which evidence was collected from both sides, this expert concluded that storing wastes from the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel until they are shipped to foreign clients does not violate laws prohibiting the storage of foreign wastes in France.

He further determined that the storage of these wastes does not present a danger or threat to anyone. In view of these conclusions, the judge found that Mr. Anger's allegations were totally unfounded, and he dismissed all charges against COGEMA.

COGEMA is very pleased with this decision, since it confirms that the company complies with obligations laid down by law, regulations and monitoring authorities.