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Fifth transport of vitrified residues from France to Germany

Press release

November 04, 2002

A transport of 12 casks of vitrified residues will leave COGEMA La Hague's plant (France) to Gorleben (Germany) within the week commencing on November, 10th 2002.

According to the commercial contracts signed between the German power companies and COGEMA and to the intergovernmental agreements concluded between France and Germany, part of the nuclear spent fuel is sent to France to be reprocessed and ultimate residues resulting from reprocessing operations are returned to their country of origin. In respect of the settlement agreed on January, 31th 2001, 12 casks of vitrified residues must be sent back to Germany every year.

The casks used for transport fully comply with the very strict regulation criteria defined by the International Atomic Energy Agency (AEIA). Besides, nuclear material transportation meets national and international regulation in order to guarantee a high level of safety.

A second press release announcing the departure will be issued when the operational practicalities are met.