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COMINAK certified to ISO 14001

Press release

January 22, 2003

The environmental committee of the Association Française pour l'Assurance de la Qualité (AFAQ) has just granted ISO 14001 certification to the COMINAK uranium mine in Niger.

This is the second Nigerien subsidiary to receive certification, after SOMAIR last September, indicative of the high-quality environmental management system deployed deep in the desert and comparable to those of major international corporations. SOMAIR and COMINAK are the first companies in Niger to be ISO 14001 certified, joining the sparse ranks of West African companies with such certification.

The ISO 14001 label for COMINAK is the eighth to be granted to the COGEMA Mining Business Unit, whose certifications now cover every aspect of its operations on four continents, including mineral exploration, mining and environmental monitoring of reclaimed sites in Australia, Canada, France and Niger.