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6th transportation of vitrified residues from France to Belgium

Press release

September 04, 2003

The preparative operations for the 6th transport of vitrified residues from France to Belgium are under progress. This transport is provided for by the reprocessing contracts signed between COGEMA and SYNATOM, in accordance with the directives issued by the Belgian Authorities.

These vitrified residues, resulting from the reprocessing in the COGEMA La Hague plant of the Belgian spent fuel, are returned to the BELGOPROCESS dedicated storage facilities in Dessel (Belgium), after satisfying the controls.

The arrival of the cask loaded with 28 containers of vitrified residues at MOL (Belgium) is expected from September 10th. As usual, the cask will be transfered from the wagon to a road vehicle with a flexible gantry crane located at the Mol railway station. Then it will join BELGOPROCESS' dedicated storage facilities in Dessel.

As for the last fifth transport operations, every representatives involved are working for the success of this return operation in order to guarantee a high level safety.