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Weekly report : from February 26th to March 5th, 2004

Press release

March 08, 2004

Treatment activity:
During this period, the Establishment treated 4 tons of spent fuel assemblies.the UP2 800  factory continued the maintenance actions of the installations.
From all treated assemblies, a total of 243 tons have been processed to date this year.
During this period, 18 canisters of vitrified fission products have been produced(1).
Since the beginning of the year, 103 canisters have been produced.
It should be noted that the facility of hulls compaction (ACC) produced 10 canisters of compacted residues.
Since the beginning of the year, 201 canisters have been produced.

Shipment activity :
One shipment of 2 casks( TN17) of spent fuel assemblies from Borssele nuclear power plant  (Netherland)  arrived at the Valognes railway terminal on the March 5th at 9h15 pm.

(1)The fission products (ultimate residues of spent fuel) are incorporated in heated glass to approximately 1100°C. The whole is poured in stainless steel containers. The fission products are an integral part of stable, compact and resistant glass. This process is called vitrification.

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