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COGEMA takes cognisance of case being transferred to the Magistrates’ Court

Press release

November 03, 2004

On November 3, 2004, the Court(*) rejected the appeal filed by COGEMA against the judgement delivered by the Limoges Court of Appeal on March 25. This decision transfers COGEMA's case to the Magistrates Court. COGEMA is accused of dumping waste and endangering fish life.

COGEMA will provide evidence to the Magistrates Court that it has always observed regulations guaranteeing the absence of health risks for the public and the natural environment. COGEMA has not been charged with any offences in 50 years of operation and rehabilitation in the Limousin region. COGEMA reaffirms its commitment to ensuring long-term environmental monitoring of its rehabilitated mining sites.

(*) The “Sources et Rivières du Limousin” association and the national “France Nature Environnement” federation filed a complaint against COGEMA in 1999 accusing it of polluting various lakes and bodies of water in the Haute Vienne area. After the examination, following the indictment in August 2002, the Limoges public prosecutor called for a dismissal of charges and appealed against the transfer of proceedings ordered by the examining magistrate.
The Limoges Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the magistrate on March 25, 2004. COGEMA lodged an appeal against this decision on March 29.

Furthermore, the Court of Appeal did not accept the accusation that COGEMA endangered the lives of others.

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