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November 30, 2004

On November 26, 2004, SICN, a subsidiary of COGEMA, announced its sale of the Annecy-based subsidiary GEMMA to SOROME.

Created in 2002 in a reshaping of SICN's mechanics business, GEMMA became a player in the precision mechanics domain, operating in particular in the aeronautics field. COGEMA, whose core activity lies in energy, was keen to find a partner that would guarantee GEMMA's future development in its specialist field.

A concerted effort was made to find an industrial partner, which resulted in the selection of SOROME, a reputed sub-contractor in the aeronautics field. The company works for Airbus, Dassault, Messier Dowty, Messier Bugatti and Hispano Suiza, among others, specializing in the manufacture of complete aircraft assemblies, including hydraulic units, and landing gear and braking systems.

This sale will see SOROME keep around sixty of the approximately one hundred employees currently working on the GEMMA site, with the remaining staff offered two job opportunities: one within the AREVA group, and the other - where necessary - in the Annecy employment basin. The re-employment office set up will remain active until all those made redundant have been found new jobs.

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