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AREVA sign a vitrification assistance contract with BNFL

Press release

March 30, 2005

AREVA, through its subsidiary COGEMA, has signed an assistance contract with BNFL (British Nulcear Fuel Limited) aimed at improving the performance of the UK company’s vitrification facility at its Sellafield plant.

The terms of the contract will see AREVA provide a range of services over the following four years, including the supply of equipment for the vitrification process and a transfer of the French group’s expertise and skills in implementing these, for which BNFL personnel will be received at COGEMA’s La Hague plant.

The contract also includes on-site assistance at Sellafield when putting the equipment into operation, plus additional technical assistance from France by way of a helpline.

Vitrification is the process used by BNFL and AREVA for the safe packaging over time of high-level waste from used fuel treatment. Over 10,000 vitrified waste containers have been filled in COGEMA La Hague since it was first opened.
According to Philippe Knoche, Vice President of the Treatment Business Unit, "This contract, like the Japan Project, demonstrates our ability to design new business services and turn our technologies, experience and professionalism into attractive assets for new customers."

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