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Technology sales agreement with Russia

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May 03, 2005

AREVA and the Russian company TENEX signed a technology transfer agreement worth 50 million euro for the construction of a uranium defluorination plant in Siberia.

This transfer includes the design of the installation, equipment supply, supervision of erection and testing and training in operation and maintenance.

AREVA will follow the contract to the end in 2009.

AREVA currently owns the only such plant in the world. Situated on the Pierrelatte site in the Drôme region of France, it has been transforming depleted uranium hexafluoride from enrichment plants into a perfectly stable product, uranium oxide (U308), since 1984.

TENEX is interested in AREVA's know-how and proven expertise which will enable it to safely store this recoverable material. The process will also provide TENEX with the opportunity to concurrently produce hydrofluoric acid which can be sold to the chemical industry.

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For over 40 years, TENEX (abbreviation of “TECHSNABEXPORT”) has been providing its European, American and Asian customers with products and services for the nuclear fuel cycle, mainly enriched uranium. As such, it forms an essential part of the external business dealings of Russia ’s Federal Atomic Energy Agency. In 2004, TECHSNABEXPORT posted revenue figures in excess of $1.7 billion.
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