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COGEMA begins work on treating Australian used fuel

Press release

June 09, 2005

COGEMA begins treatment at its La Hague plant of used fuel from Australia, having received the full and proper used fuel treatment authorizations.

On March 29, 2005, the company was given the go-ahead by way of a treatment operational authorization with interministerial order, granted by the General Directorate for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (DGSNR). The DGSNR has recently set the technical recommendations for the operation.

In response to the request lodged by the Caen Court of Appeal in its order dated April 12, 2005, COGEMA has also forwarded the authorization to all parties concerned.

COGEMA has once again stated how used fuel contains recoverable material that can be recycled to make electricity. In compliance with the 1991 French law on radioactive waste management, COGEMA will send the waste from this fuel treatment process back to Australia.

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