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32nd AMERICA’S CUP: AREVA Challenge is equiped with a “sailing intelligence” system designed by EURIWARE

Press release

April 23, 2007

EURIWARE has designed an innovative decision-making system to be used by the French AREVA Challenge team participating in the 32nd America's Cup, for which the selection phases get underway this month. This "Sailing Intelligence" system (an assisted decision-making application specifically designed for water sports) is a system which is capable of "learning" and can be used to:

  • Analyse factual data gathered during training
  • Take account of modifications made in real-time
  • Build on the experience and expertise of the crew

The system provides crew members with a range of indicators (relating to fitness / training, navigational tactics, strategies and manoeuvres, as well as the other competitors) which enables them to make decisions during the race to increase the overall performance of the boat and crew.

To develop such an innovative system, EURIWARE has drawn on its extensive knowledge of decision-making technologies and its expertise in IT systems employing intelligent “learning” algorithms, which it has developed through its involvement in IT projects in the field of business performance.
This decision-making system means AREVA Challenge is equipped with truly cutting-edge technology. Use of such technology is an integral part of the AREVA Group's continuous improvement initiative, which is constantly seeking more effective ways of responding to a complex and changing environment.

About Euriware

EURIWARE is a consulting and IT services group. Its expertise is based on the successful combination of its three core business activities: consulting, systems integration and 'evolutionary' outsourcing. EURIWARE's strategic offerings respond directly to the needs of its major customers: to improve their business performance, manage product life cycles and data, ensure the security of their information systems and successfully integrate ERP solutions. EURIWARE's professional, structured approach delivers successful projects, harnesses innovation and ensures continuous forward planning. EURIWARE employs 2,100 people in France. EURIWARE is wholly-owned subsidiary of the AREVA energy group.

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