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AREVA and SOGIN sign a contract to reprocess 235 tons of used fuel

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May 09, 2007

reprocessing and packaging of used fuel from the Caorso, Trino and Garigliano facilities (190, 32 and 13 tons respectively).
First used fuel transport operations from Italy to AREVA's La Hague plant will take place this year. After reprocessing operations, the vitrified waste will be returned to Italy at the latest on December 31st, 2025.

Massimo Romano emphasized that “by signing this contract and choosing to reprocess its used fuel, Italy joins the rank of other countries with a strong commitment to nuclear energy production and makes its program to dismantle its nuclear facilities safer and more relevant. Once reprocessing is underway, it will be possible to carry out on-site clean-up and dismantling operations in the best safety conditions and in a fruitful collaboration with the territories involved. The contract with AREVA gives SOGIN the opportunity to get a foothold on the international market for the clean-up and dismantling of nuclear facilities."

“This contract gives further support to the reprocessing/recycling option for used nuclear fuel,” said Anne Lauvergeon. “By separating the recyclable materials, the volume and radiotoxicity of the ultimate waste are significantly reduced. This contract acknowledges the unique know-how developed by our group in France for over 30 years. It confirms AREVA’s technological lead in a field whose future looks very bright in view of the projected expansion of the world's nuclear fleet".



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SOGIN is owned by the Italian Ministry for the Economy and Finance. It manages the radioactive waste and used fuel from the nuclear facilities that were shut down following the 1987 referendum (four nuclear power plants and four fuel treatment and fabrication plants) and is involved in their clean-up, dismantling and requalification. For several years now, SOGIN has been actively participating in a number of EU projects to upgrade the safety of various nuclear power plants in Eastern European (Armenia, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan). It has also been mandated by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development to manage the technical and operational activities of the Global Partnership with Russia, under which the former USSR’s nuclear submarines are being dismantled.