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Fifth transport of vitrified waste from France to the Netherlands

Press release

September 04, 2007

The transport of one cask of nuclear vitrified waste is scheduled to leave TN International’s railway terminal of Valognes (France) today at 16:00 pm and to reach the COVRA interim storage facility in Vlissingen (Netherlands) on September, 5 2007.

According to commercial contracts signed between AREVA NC and the Dutch power company EPZ, Borssele power plant’s nuclear spent fuel was sent to France for reprocessing. Return to the Netherlands of the vitrified nuclear waste resulting from reprocessing is implemented in accordance with intergovernmental agreements signed by France and the Netherlands and with French law.

The cask used for transport fully complies with the very strict regulation criteria defined by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Besides, nuclear material transportation meets national and international regulations in order to guarantee a high level of safety.