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Update on deployment of AREVA health-watch programs

Press release

October 24, 2007

On March 16 of this year, AREVA announced the creation of health-watch programs on mining sites currently or previously operated by the group, in conjunction with the governments of partner countries.

Doctor Alain Acker, Medical Director of the AREVA group, recently traveled to Gabon to monitor progress on a health-watch program there. The first two programs are currently being put together in Gabon and Niger.

People employed by AREVA in foreign mines have always worked under the same medical, health and radiological conditions in force in France. Medical structures in the countries in question have not always been as advanced as in France. Hence the decision to create such health-watch programs under the aegis of the Departments of Health in the countries concerned.

The aim is to ensure that former mining site employees continue to receive medical check-ups in line with French regulations and to record any pathologies detected so that scientifically-justified epidemiological studies can be carried out at a later date. If the illnesses found can be linked to professional activity, the corresponding care will be given in line with French standards.

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