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Nuclear revival in the UK: AREVA is ready

Press release

January 10, 2008

The British Government announced today the revival of nuclear power in the UK following a democratic consultation process launched 2 years ago.

AREVA welcomes this decision that will favor investment projects in nuclear power plants in the country and provide added drive to the ongoing process of reactor pre-licensing.

The UK is a priority for AREVA.

“There are eleven top European utilities already supporting the pre-licensing of the EPR in the UK. Our integrated offer, comprising reactor construction, complete fuel supply as well as vital waste management expertise, will enable us to offer them all the services and fuel necessary for the operation of their nuclear power plants. Our ambition is to build at least 4 and probably 6 reactors in the UK” declared Luc Oursel, President of AREVA NP and member of the AREVA group’s Board.

AREVA counts some 1,900 employees in the country and has a significant manufacturing capability. The group will further reinforce its current industrial footprint in the UK by maximizing the use of local resources and supply chain.

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