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Japan: AREVA finalizes several contracts in the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle, totaling €2 billion

Press release

April 10, 2008

During AREVA CEO Anne Lauvergeon’s business trip to Japan, the group announced that it finalized several major contracts with Japanese utilities.

Worth a total of €2 billion, the contracts cover services in the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle such as uranium supplies, conversion and enrichment.

With the majority spanning long periods of up to 15 years, these contracts illustrate the trust Japanese utilities have in the quality of AREVA’s products and services, as well as in its integrated offering. They also serve as a reminder of how important it is for nuclear utilities to secure sustainable supplies.

According to Anne Lauvergeon, “these business successes strengthen AREVA's positioning in Japan. The group is truly honored to have such a privileged relationship with Japanese utilities.” 

In 2007, AREVA’s revenues reached €575 million in Japan, where the group employs 140 people.

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