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E.ON selects AREVA’s EPR for its nuclear power projects in the UK

Press release

April 23, 2008

Joint business organization contemplated 

E.ON and AREVA have signed a global cooperation agreement in the field of nuclear power generation.
According to the terms of the agreement:

  • E.ON has selected the EPR as its exclusive technology for all its upcoming nuclear reactor projects in the UK. In the range of 1,600 MWe, the EPR was selected for its economic and environmental performance as well as for its safety level, unsurpassed on the market.
  • E.ON and AREVA will collaborate on developing further the SWR*, a cutting-edge boiling-water reactor in the range of 1,250 MWe.
    Together with the EPR and ATMEA, this generation 3+ reactor is currently regarded as offering maximum safety for the use of nuclear power.
  • The two companies additionally intend to enter into a long term partnership in service and maintenance for E.ON’s existing and new reactors and to collaborate on research and development.

According to Anne Lauvergeon, AREVA CEO, “AREVA is honored by E.ON’s choice of design. This decision illustrates the confidence that one of the world’s top utilities has in the future of nuclear power and confirms the technological and commercial benefits of our offer.”
*Temporary name

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