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Recycling: plutonium to be transported from the UK to France

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May 19, 2008

The AREVA group has announced it is preparing to receive a shipment of plutonium from the UK’s Sellafield Limited plant. The plutonium will be recycled into MOX fuel at the Melox plant in the Gard region, in southern France.

The shipment’s first stop will be at AREVA’s La Hague plant for repackaging. It will then be transferred to Melox, where teams will fabricate MOX fuel assemblies for Sellafield Ltd.’s utility customers.

All of the project’s sea and road transportations have been granted the proper permits, and will be carried out in the fullest compliance with French and international regulations – confidentiality being just one of the requirements.

In today’s energy context– where finding solutions to global warming and sky-rocketing oil prices are crucial challenges – the recycling of plutonium, that has considerable energy potential[1], is more than ever a key strategy for AREVA and its customers.

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[1] One gram of plutonium provides the same energy as a ton of oil.