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May 21, 2008

Under a commercial agreement between AREVA and Sellafield Limited, plutonium to be used in MOX fuel fabrication is being shipped between the Sellafield* plant in Great Britain and the Melox** plant in southern France.

Today, the plutonium was delivered to the La Hague plant to be repackaged in canisters capable of being handled by the equipment at the Melox plant, where it will subsequently be shipped. Sellafield Limited contracted with Melox to fabricate MOX fuel for its utility customers.

With global warming and soaring oil prices constituting crucial energy challenges, the recycling of plutonium, with its considerable energy potential***, is becoming more strategic than ever for AREVA and its customers.

* Sellafield: reprocessing plant operated by Sellafield Limited (formerly BNG)

** Melox: production plant for MOX fuel, which is used to generate electricity. MOX consists of uranium and plutonium oxides produced by the recycling of 96% of the materials contained in used nuclear fuel.

*** The energy potential of one gram of plutonium is equivalent to that of one ton of oil.

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