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Incident at Socatri

Press release

July 08, 2008

Overnight between July 7-8, 2008, an overflow occurred in a tank containing natural uranium. Some of this solution (30 m3) flowed onto the floor of the facility and into the rainwater system.
The event was declared to the safety authorities and monitored with the regional authorities of the Vaucluse and Drôme departments, which took precautionary measures.
Decontamination of the floors and channels concerned has begun.
An environmental monitoring plan has been set up, and the results of water sample analyses have shown the environmental impact, notably in the La Gaffière waterway that crosses the site, to be limited and falling.
A return to normal conditions is expected in the coming days. 
Located on the Tricastin nuclear site, Socatri specializes in maintaining and dismantling nuclear equipment, radioactive waste management prior to dispatch for elimination, and chemical and radioactive effluent treatment with uranium recovery.  
Press contacts:
Catherine Dalverny
06 89 09 64 51
Gilles Salgas
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