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Update on the SOCATRI incident - Environmental monitoring results (8h00 pm)

Press release

July 09, 2008

Environmental monitoring results
Samples have been taken on a regular basis since the incident at the SOCATRI effluent treatment station at Tricastin that released natural uranium into the environment.
Analyses of surface water samples taken off-site and in the Gaffière and Lauzon streams confirmed a significant decrease in uranium levels at all sampling points.

In their majority, the latest analyses indicate that uranium levels are now below the levels recommended by the World Health Organization for potable water (i.e. 15 micro-grams of uranium per liter).
The maximum level recorded in the few samples exceeding recommended levels was 31.2 micro-grams per liter.
SOCATRI will continue to implement its upgraded environmental monitoring plan.

Water samples taken from the aquifer show no abnormality and are consistent with levels recorded under normal conditions.
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