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Update on SOCATRI incident: Confirmation of Level 1 classification (0h55pm)

Press release

July 11, 2008



Confirmation of Level 1 classification

Unscheduled halt in the use of old storage tanks
SOCATRI has acted on the decisions made by the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), and will pursue its recovery operations undertaken since the incident occurred.
In accordance with the ASN’s request, it has halted the use of former industrial waste effluent tanks, which, as part of a €13 million modernization plan launched in 2005, will be definitively shut down over the coming weeks. SOCATRI is now performing its activity on new installations.

The incident was partly due to the modernization work being carried out on the industrial effluent treatment station, which should soon be complete.
The most recent series of environmental measurements has confirmed the situation is returning to normal.

SOCATRI invited a number of associations to participate in the sampling taken as part of the reinforced environmental monitoring.
SOCATRI once more offers its apologies for the inconvenience that the incident and its media consequences have caused.

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