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The Japan Steel Works, Ltd. (JSW) and AREVA sign a major industrial agreement on large forged part procurement

Press release

November 04, 2008

Masahisa Nagata, President and CEO of JSW and Anne Lauvergeon, CEO of AREVA, recently signed an agreement in Paris to supply AREVA until 2016 and beyond with large forged parts, essential for the manufacture of nuclear components.

The agreement, a continuation of the one signed between the two companies in April of this year, is part of a long-term investment program and marks another important stage in the relationship between the two groups, confirming their position as preferred partners.

AREVA also announced its friendly acquisition of 1.3% of JSW stock.

The agreement on the one hand confirms JSW as world leader for the supply of large forged parts, while on the other hand enables AREVA to secure supplies, to meet the growing demands of its nuclear customers.

According to Masahisa Nagata, “this long term agreement has given us certain confidence on proceeding to the next round of our major capacity expansion program.  As a result, I am sure that our business relationship with AREVA will be expanded further in the future so each of us can play the important role in the rapidly growing nuclear market” 

Anne Lauvergeon added that “to keep pace with the rapid revival of nuclear, we need to keep on increasing our resources, investing and forming partnerships around the world. JSW is a case in point.

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The Japan Steel Work, Ltd . (“JSW”) has been providing the world's major industries like power generating, steel and petrochemical with various kinds of high quality steel and machinery products.  Under the reputation as "General Supplier of Steel Products and Machineries", JSW is highly evaluated by its customers worldwide.  Especially, in the field of fossil and nuclear power generating equipment market, JSW keeps supplying reliable large sized steel products to the world through its advanced technology developed by the efforts in its 101-year history.

JSW, as the leading manufacturer of high quality steel forgings in the world, will take its responsibility in the nuclear market, which is considered as most realistic and effective response to the current global warming issue. 

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