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EDF selects AREVA bid for nine replacement steam generators

Press release

December 16, 2008

EDF has awarded AREVA a contract worth more than €200 million to supply nine replacement steam generators1, for all three loops of three of its 900 MW plants operated in France.

The contract – the result of a bid process first launched in late 2007 – includes the design, manufacture and delivery of the nine components plus all associated services. The work will be performed by AREVA’s Chalon/Saint-Marcel plant.
Manufacturing of the first set of three steam generators is scheduled to get underway in 2010, for delivery in December 2012. The following two series will then be delivered in 2014 and 2015 respectively.
A similar contract was previously signed with EDF in April 2006 to supply six replacement steam generators, also for its existing 900 MW plants.
AREVA NP CEO Luc Oursel described the company’s winning bid as “proof of the quality and competitiveness of our offering, and tribute to the longstanding partnership based on mutual trust that AREVA and EDF share,” adding that it “further demonstrates our position as world leader on the nuclear services market.” 
1 : Steam generators are used to transfer heat from the reactor coolant system to the secondary side, while keeping the two in perfect isolation. Water from the secondary side is turned into steam, which then drives a turbine connected to an alternator that generates electricity. Steam generators, like nuclear vessel heads, are replaced to prolong the reactor’s service life.


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