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Over 100 partner companies given the title “AREVA Certified Supplier”

Press release


April 08, 2009

AREVA has given 120 French companies the title of "AREVA Certified Supplier" to give value and strength to the ties that bind the group to these partners which support its growth daily.

This year, nearly 250 suppliers from France and across the world will be given the title, in an initiative that lets suppliers boast of their quality relations with AREVA to financial partners. Becoming an "AREVA Certified Supplier" means meeting almost twenty-five criteria, on quality, sustainable development values and competitiveness. Other decisive areas include investment in innovation and R&D, and the attention to nuclear/occupational safety and the environment.

AREVA is aware of how essential its partners are in deploying its activities and wishes to help them develop. This initiative is part of the group’s founding approach for economic support in France and worldwide.

Speaking after the ceremony, AREVA CEO Anne Lauvergeon said: "Maintaining trusting, long-term relations with suppliers has been one of the keys to AREVA’s success, which is why we wish to thank them and renew this trust by giving them the title of ‘AREVA Certified Supplier."