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April 28, 2009

AREVA announced today a comprehensive program of partnerships in track and field that will be rolled out through 2012.
Track and field is an inclusive discipline – one that everyone can practice and enjoy – built on excellence. The dynamics of continuous improvement, the potential for each person to succeed, the enthusiasm and above all the energy are points that AREVA shares with track and field. Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier, Senior Vice President of Communications and Spokesman for the AREVA group, adds: "These two aspects are perfectly in tune with our brand personality and are the foundation of our long-term commitment. We want to support professional track and field, where current and future champions give spectators their all. We also want to be part of a genuinely popular, festive, environmentally-friendly sport."
To meet these goals, AREVA is organizing its partnership program around four core components:

  • The AREVA Meeting: A must on the international track and field calendar, the AREVA Meeting is emblematic of the sport’s unifying and festive values. To be held in the Stade de France on July 17, 2009, it will be a meeting place for the public and the top talent in track and field.
  • The French Athletics Federation: AREVA is now the FFA's leading partner and as such will help promote and develop track and field in France. AREVA will be present alongside the French Team and during championships in France.
  • The National Athletics League: The group intends to back programs that support professional athletes.
  • The off-stadium world via iconic grassroots events for amateur athletes.

The vast program to be deployed will combine visibility and accessibility. Its major goal is to forge a link between the sport as practiced by the elite of track and field and as practiced by everyone else.  It is above all a human link, the core of AREVA’s commitment.

A digital platform will be the focal point for brand communications. offers a window on the world of professional athletes. Organized like a magazine, it will provide original commentary on athletes’ lives, along with exclusive coverage available only to AREVA’s 75,000 employees.

Well-known athletes, up-and-coming athletes and former champions will provide the impetus for this far-reaching communications plan. Founded on sharing and conviviality, the plan seeks to involve all group employees while strengthening brand appeal to help meet AREVA's development goals.