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Track and field at the heart of AREVA’s new brand ad campaign

Press release


June 29, 2009

Energy giant AREVA will be back on French TV and computer screens as of June 29, 2009.

To mark the Golden League track and field meeting, renamed the AREVA Meeting, and the group’s partnership with the French Track and field Federation (FFA) and National Track and field League (LNA), as well as its gradual move into track and field in general, AREVA is launching a new corporate ad campaign, focusing on its broad and lasting commitment to the sport.

The 2009 campaign will include three brand new 30-second animations focusing on key track and field disciplines: javelin, running and hurdles. With the tag line "Energize the athlete in you", each film portrays people going about their everyday lives and, without knowing it, using the same resources an athlete would.

The films adopt the same successful unique visual and musical style as the 2004 campaign. Designed and produced with Euro RSCG C&O, the animations recreate "Funkytown" using fun and modern graphics and an exciting soundtrack that will more allow the group to stand out from other corporate ads.

In addition to the films, AREVA has also created, the real backbone of its track and field communications program. The website has been designed as a gateway for the general public to the world of professional athletes, including all-new reports like "Jean Galfione re-discovers pole vault", "Ladji Doucouré, interview" and "View on interclubs", as well as ideas for getting started in track and field and ways to contact different communities.

AREVA shares with track and field energy and passion. The Group wants to make the link between excellence and a discipline that everyone can practice and enjoy.

Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier, Senior Vice President, Communications and AREVA Spokesman said: "As for track and field, AREVA shares the belief that everyone has potential, regardless of what you’re aiming for, who you are or where you’re from. The communications program bring deployed is a marvelous opportunity to mobilize and unite AREVA’s 75,000 employees around one major project. We are thrilled to be joining this popular sport which brings so many people together, and which perfectly match our brand".


    • Avertiser: AREVA
    • Ad agency: Euro RSCG C&O
    • Ad-sace purchasing agency: Havas Media International
    • Sport marketing agency, design and production: Havas Sports & Entertainment
    • Graphic design agency: H5
    • Ad-space budget: €4.5 million (gross)
    • Music: "Funkytown", by Lipps Inc., written by Steven Greenberg

  • Media plan:
    • TV:
      • Around 2,300 ads on thirty terrestrial/satellite channels
      • Single 3-week wave (June 29-July 19, 2009)
    • Internet: 
      • Around 86 million spaces on thirty websites
      • Two waves (July 6-26, 2009, followed by August 9-23, 2009)