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Japan: AREVA signs a contract to supply MOX fuel to Chugoku

Press release


September 16, 2009

AREVA has signed today a contract* to supply 40 MOX fuel assemblies for unit 2 of the Shimane nuclear power plant, owned and operated by Japanese utility Chugoku EPCo. Under the terms of the contract, the fuel will be fabricated at AREVA’s MELOX plant in southern France, using plutonium recovered from the treatment operations performed at AREVA’s La Hague plant, thereby recycling it to be used in Japan as MOX fuel.

For Jean-Pierre Gros, Executive Vice President of AREVA’s Recycling business unit, "This commercial success strengthens AREVA’s world leadership in MOX fuel fabrication, and attests to Japanese utilities’ confidence in our technology and know-how."

For Mr. Yamashita, President of Chugoku EPCo, "We concluded the contract, through GNF-J, for the fabrication of MOX fuel at AREVA’s MELOX plant which has well proven experience in MOX fuel fabrication. We would like to proceed steadily with the implementation of our pluthermal project, with highest priority to safety."

The contract comes as part of Japan’s nuclear program to recycle used fuel, and follows contracts signed from 2006 to 2009 with Japanese utilities Chubu, Kyushu, Shikoku, Kansai and EPDC.

Since 1995, MELOX has been fabricating MOX fuel assemblies for nuclear power plants in several countries, including France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and the United States. Made with uranium and plutonium oxides, MOX fuel is a solution for recycling the plutonium recovered from used nuclear fuel. With more than 1,400 tons produced to date, MELOX is the world’s leading producer of MOX fuel.

*Contract signed between MELOX SA, to fabricate MOX fuel, and GNF-J, in charge of designing the fuel for the utility.