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Strengthening AREVA's Human Resources Department

News brief


January 13, 2005

Philippe Vivien, Executive Vice President, Human resources for the AREVA Group, has reorganized the group's Human Resources Department and has created the Group Human Resources Committee.


  • Jean Cassingena has been appointed Corporate Vice President of Strategic Planning and Human Resource Policy.
    He will be responsible for human resource strategic planning in preparation for the introduction of group HRD management charts and the creation of pay policies.

  • Hélène d'Agrain has been appointed Corporate Vice President of Career Development.
    She will define, manage and monitor recruitment policies, development of managerial staff and international mobility. She will also be responsible for contacts with institutes and universities.

  • Marianne Naud has been appointed Corporate Vice President of Labor Policy.
    She will define and coordinate labor policy for the AREVA group. She will be responsible for the introduction of the group's staff committees in France and Europe.

  • Frédéric Thoral has been appointed Corporate Vice President of Managerial Communications and Human Resources.
    In collaboration with the Departments of Communication and of Sustainable Development, he will coordinate the dissemination of managerial communications at group level and develop AREVA's corporate culture with the support of the group network of HR executives.

All will join the Group Human Resources Committee.


The Committee will be responsible for the establishment, introduction and supervision of human resource policies.

It comprises:

  • The four Corporate Vice Presidents who together determine HR policy and define its implementation and application in conjunction with the subsidiaries and regions;

  • Deputy Senior Vice Presidents of Human Resources at AREVA, Human Resources Senior Vice Presidents of major subsidiaries, who are responsible for the implementation of HR policies and for staff management:
    • Jean Marc Deval, for COGEMA,
    • Yan Pardailhe-Galabrun, for Framatome ANP,
    • Laurent Mareschal, for AREVA T&D, and
    • Eric Turpin, for FCI;

  • Regional Human Resources Vice Presidents from the Americas and Asia/Pacific Regions, who are responsible for monitoring the application of group standards and assisting the Units locally:
    • Douglas Bradley for the Americas region,
    • Thierry Lacarne for the Asia/Pacific region.