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March 22, 2005

The AREVA group is taking part in the year of Brazil in France baptized "Brésil, Brésils". The large-scale operation marks the willingness of the French and Brazilian governments to reinforce the historic links between the two countries. 

Among more than 300 events organized, AREVA has especially opted to sponsor the opening exhibition taking place at the Galeries du Grand Palais (Paris, France):  "Brésil Indien. Les Arts des Amérindiens du Brésil" (Indian Brazil. Amerindian art in Brazil)

"Brésil Indien" is the opportunity for AREVA to promote the culture of Brazil, country in which the group has been present for over twenty years through its subsidiaries. Cultural exchanges between our two countries mark the continuity of our industrial partnership. 

Indeed, AREVA has a strong presence in Brazil where it generates revenues of over 200 million euro and employs 1,500 people.

As regards nuclear production, Brazil has two nuclear reactors at the Angra site near Rio de Janeiro and one of them was built by AREVA. In 2005, the group has the ambition to win a contract to complete a third reactor. There are numerous arguments in favour of a balanced energy mix which would give a larger share to nuclear energy: Brazil is dependent on hydroelectricity which limits became apparent during the 2001 droughts and intends promoting electricity production resources which do not emit greenhouse gases.

In the energy sector, the group is also involved in developing the electricity transmission and distribution network through its subsidiary, AREVA T&D. This is a real priority for the Brazilian authorities in order to ensure that as many people as possible have access to electricity.

In the connectors' field, FCI employs about 250 people on the Sao Paulo site and serves also the transmission market as the other part of its operation is dedicated to the automotive market.