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Contract with SYNATOM to provide 25 spent fuel casks

News brief


June 10, 2005

On 6th of June 2005, AREVA, through its subsidiary COGEMA Logistics, and SYNATOM signed an important order for spent fuel transport/storage casks. SYNATOM is in charge of fuel management on behalf of the Belgian Utility, ELECTRABEL. 

COGEMA Logistics will provide 25 TNTM24 storage and transport casks, covering the future needs of Doel nuclear power plant. More than fifty TNTM24 casks have already been loaded in Doel interim storage facility.

For Jean-Baptiste des Escotais, COGEMA Logistics CEO and Chairman, "this order highlights the trust of our Belgian partner, and validates the liability and competitivity of our cask designs".

The TNTM24 casks family was designed for both transport and storage of used fuel assemblies (from 24 to 40 PWR assemblies, up to 97 BWR assemblies) in safe conditions and with maximum operating efficiency.

Presently, more than 300 TNTM 24 dual-purpose transport and storage casks have been ordered from COGEMA Logistics.