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SGT to Provide Steam Generator Replacement Services at St. Lucie

News brief


July 29, 2005

Framatome ANP* Inc.'s joint venture with Washington Group International, SGT, has been awarded a contract to provide services for replacing steam generators at Florida Power & Light Company's (FPL) St. Lucie nuclear power plant.

SGT will provide project management, planning, engineering and construction services to replace two steam generators in Unit 2, scheduled for installation in 2007. SGT is already under contract to install a replacement Reactor Vessel Closure Head (RVCH) during the same outage as the steam generator replacements. In addition, SGT is installing an RVCH and Pressurizer in St. Lucie Unit 1 in fall 2005. SGT previously installed the replacement steam generators in St. Lucie Unit 1 in 1997.

FPL owns and operates two nuclear reactors at its St. Lucie plant site located on Hutchinson Island midway between Stuart and Ft. Pierce, generating approximately 1,700 megawatts of electrical power.

"AREVA and SGT are pleased that we have been selected to provide these continued services to Florida Power and Light, one of our long-term nuclear industry clients. We believe this award highlights our recognized leadership in major nuclear component replacement, working to produce limited outages and support our clients' records of nuclear power operations and maintenance," said William Fox, president of SGT.

* Framatome ANP is an AREVA (66%) and Siemens (34%) company.