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All the group's subsidiaries now share the name AREVA

News brief


March 01, 2006

As of March 1st, 2006, all of the group's first-tier subsidiaries have a new identity.

COGEMA becomes AREVA NC and Framatome ANP becomes AREVA NP*. The new names also apply worldwide to all second-tier subsidiaries and facilities that contain "COGEMA" or "Framatome ANP".

This harmony in the business names is part of the continued integration that started in September 2001 when AREVA was created. This initiative has enabled our group to become a global and unique expert capable of providing our customers with solutions for generating and distributing CO2-free electricity. The objectives are to strengthen the visibility of its global offer, support our international development and our efforts to recruit new talent.

* AREVA T&D remains unchanged.