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Social and environmental ranking: Innovest confirms AREVA's A rating

News brief


December 22, 2006

Following the second social and environmental assessment requested by AREVA, Innovest, the extra-financial ranking agency, confirmed the A rating (on a scale of AAA to CCC) awarded the first time round, with a tendency that has progressed from "stable" to "positive".

Innovest assessed the group's performance and strategy, focusing on four areas: strategic governance, the environment, human capital and relations with stakeholders. The assessment showed that the group was progressing in each case, notably in its relations with its stakeholders.

Yves COUPIN, Senior Vice President, Sustainable Development and Continuous Improvement, said that "the result of the second assessment recognizes the effort being made by the group to deploy its Sustainable Development policy in all its entities and testifies to the Continuous Improvement dynamic at AREVA".


Founded in 1995 with the mission of identifying non-traditional sources of risk and value potential for investors, Innovest Strategic Value Advisors is an internationally recognized investment research and advisory firm specializing in analyzing companies' performance on environmental, social, and strategic governance issues, with a particular focus on their impact on competitiveness, profitability, and share price performance.

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