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AREVA partners the study on stakeholder panels carried out by Utopies and AccountAbility

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April 06, 2007

Today, more and more companies are convening stakeholder panels. This method of dialoguing with representatives of civil society or experts aims to collect advice, listen to and understand outside expectations, and analyze critical opinions on a company's sustainable development policy. AREVA, with its Stakeholders Sessions process is one of the most advanced companies in the field.

Is this trend just another passing fad or will it really find a true and effective role in the sustainable development management of companies? This is the subject of the report "Critical friends: the emerging role of panels in corporate governance, reporting and assurance" produced by Utopies and the British firm AccountAbility, presented on March 8, 2007.

AREVA is one of the companies covered in the study, which helped determine the success factors of consultation panels and the means of contributing to improved governance, reporting and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

To mark the launch of this report, Laurent CORBIER, Deputy Vice President, Sustainable Development and Continuous Improvement, spoke during a round table on "the impact of setting up a panel on company organization”. As Mr. Corbier pointed out, this approach of dialoging with our stakeholders extends to societal level the continuous improvement cycle, which is fully integrated into our group's culture, and which also enables us to acknowledge more quickly the expectations of our stakeholders in the action we are taking (on renewable energies, diversity, AIDS policy).

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