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First U.S. EPR steel forging ready for fabrication

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July 06, 2007

Bethesda, Md., July 3, 2007 - AREVA Inc. announced today that the first quality-approved forging for the steam generator tube sheet for its U.S. Evolutionary Power Reactor (EPR) arrived at AREVA’s fabrication facility in Chalon, France. The forging was completed and shipped from Japan. This forging will be used to manufacture one of the four steam generators of the first U.S.EPR.

"Early progress on heavy forgings is an important step in keeping the first U.S. EPR on schedule," said Tom Christohper, CEO of AREVA NP Inc. "AREVA has the material in hand to support certainty of online generation in 2015".

Three additional shipments are enroute to Chalon. Detailed schedules for forging, fabrication and shipping these massive components have been established early for each of the critical forgings required to construct the first U.S. EPR advanced design nuclear power plant.

The first steel poured for the AREVA heavy forgings was announced in December 2006. Similar forgings have already been used for Olkiluoto Unit 3 in Finland, and will be used for Flamanville Unit 3 in France.

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