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Creation of the AREVA Foundation

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November 14, 2007

As part of the patronage program it launched in 2003, the AREVA group has established a foundation with a mission of development aid in countries in which the group does business. The aid must conserve and recycle resources for future generations and focuses on three patronage goals:

  • North / South development with promotion of local initiatives such as microcredit or the renovation of health care facilities, in particular to benefit sick or underprivileged children,

  • knowledge sharing through programs that provide things like schooling support or adult training,

  • organizing practical activities on energy and climate change with local communities.

These goals were defined in consultation with group employees and are consistent with their expertise and with company's core businesses.

The AREVA Foundation will help mobilize employees to support the associations it supports. A volunteer system is already in place for French employees and will soon be extended to all group employees in the near future.

Through its patronage program, the AREVA group is conducting more than 20 projects per year in close to 15 countries, including South Africa, China, Brazil, Niger, France, the United States, and Canada.


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